Have you read articles saying that how people have wrote programs to simulate betting in a casino?

Well, this is a project to share a free program so you don't have to write it. You can run as much bets as you want - as long as your device can handle it. (1 million bets are usually enough.)

Let's Start

In this simluation, your are a noble man looking to make his fortune, choose your mode to begin.

Choose Game

You studied hard and achieved the best odd against house, which game would you like to play?

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Tell me, how much money you want to invest for each test? and how much profit would satisfy you for each test?

How much money?

How much profit?

You can't stay in casinos forever, lets set a limit to how many bets you want to run.

How many bets per test?

How many tests do you want to do?

At last, pick one of the popular betting strategies from human history.

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There will be updates